President's Word
Dear Affiliate,

The election for another term on the Board of Syndarma deserves the registry of our thanks for the confidence to continue working in the biennium 2013-2015 in the defense of the interests of the maritime navigation.

On the other hand, we recognize to be a huge challenge to meet the wishes of our members.

The maritime remains on the Brazilian government agenda in particular for its growing importance in the economy with increasing logistics demands, which greatly pleases us. The return of bidding rounds for oil exploration lots is another good news.

We obtain conquests, albeit temporary, such as exemptions of the payroll of the maritime transport sector. Let's keep beating this drum of the exemption to complement it with important details for the maritime support, and make it final, bringing more competition to the sector. Our meetings with the Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance, and with the Congress will remain active.

Two elements impacting on maritime activity are man power and fuel.

Although achievements have been obtained, the search for a permanent solution to the formation of ever more Merchant Officers will remain a constant struggle of the Board of Syndarma. The situation improved somewhat with the arrival of Peruvian officers, but remains, however, the big question in relation to the positions of Chief Engineer and Captain, which by law, must be held by Brazilians. We shall have to convince the maritime authority that we should not be concerned with full employment in the sector, since this concern does not exist in relation to other professions in our country. We must also think of alternative training since everything indicates that there will be a continuity of deficit of Officers formed here.

The need to be effectively fulfilled what was established in our law, the 9.432/97, about the price of fuel for the sector will continue on our agenda, particularly in pursuit of the real decision maker, because until today we have been directed to various governmental interlocutors, without solution. Although the solution is political in nature, it must be adopted.

In the sector of the Maritime Support we will continue advocating for new auctions of oil exploration areas, especially with the participation of more oil companies in order to open the market, with the consequent hiring of more vessels of the sector. The auction recently occurred in 2013 was very well received by the industry, but there must be continuity and regularity so that investments can effectively occur.

Although we presented our needs to the National Authorities in the Ports - CONAPORTOS we have not had the expected return. This fact will require from the Board new actions to be met, since besides being fair points they are for the benefit of the country and the population in general.

Our struggle to reduce the cost of pilotage services will continue. Despite the creation of the National Commission for Pilotage Affairs who submitted to public consultation a methodology of price regulation of the service it has already indicated that will slightly alter the methodology. We do not see favorable modifications in the short and medium term, which is why we will keep in our agenda new understandings directly with the Commission and representatives of the Maritime Authority. This can not lose the strength it have in setting the rules of entry and exit of ports for the benefit of maritime safety and prevention of sea pollution by ships.

With a broader and long-term vision we have, at every opportunity, demonstrated to the Government the need to develop a consistent policy for the Merchant Marine. We do not want to be benefited, but plead for fair regulation in relation to issues such as man power, fuel and taxation, to allow a desired and healthy competitiveness with other modes of transport.

We would also like, and finally, ask everyone to continue contributing with new ideas for the solution of our problems, and we appreciate receiving information on any subject that is hindering the regular development of our business.


Bruno Lima Rocha


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